“'Goddaughters' is an absolute masterpiece and, in our opinion, the best country album of 2022!" 
Indie Boulevard
2023 San Diego Music Award Nominee for Best Country or Americana Album

"San Diego's Master of Americana, Zach Phillips ... has come up with an excellent album, packed with great songs, hooks and lyrics that anyone with a sensibility for well-constructed Americana will want to hear over and over again ... an adventurous, mystical, engaging and, above all, highly enjoyable album."
At the Barrier

  "'Goddaughters' is a pivotal moment in the career of Zach Phillips."
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 
(Five Out of Five Stars)
Roots Music Report 

“… a flawless piece of California rock … Buy this record! You deserve it.” 

"It’s a sublime set of songs … It’s a dense yet airy production, heavy yet light, with the warm tones that he achieves with his vocals and guitar seemingly splashing to the fore from the unconscious mind."
The Old Grey Cat

“… provides something new without compromising tradition. Excellent showcase.”
Americana Highways

"An album of fierce belief, written in a time of darkness, released into the light and surrounded by a family of blood and friendship." 
Liverpool Sound and Vision

"This is billed as Americana, which means songs of real life from interesting angles, but I'm every bit as struck by the guitar, which reminds me of classic Who."
Tom Hull


"Well-crafted songs with a familiar but entirely original sound ... pleasant, energetic, and joyful. It’s a great mood-lifting disc."
Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

"It’s a delightful listen of original compositions supported by perfectly mixed instrumental arrangements complimenting Phillips’ voice, which rings clear as a bell amid his deep spiritual lyrical messages of hope and redemption."
San Diego Troubadour

"... a musical journey that blends various styles and genres in a timeless mix."  
Americana UK


Press for "The Wine of Youth"

"... the textures and tones that accent the 13 tracks conjure the netherworld that lies between consciousness and dreams. They’re akin to gusts of wind lifting us higher and higher, and deeper and deeper, into another realm ..."
The Old Grey Cat

"... the year's most outstanding new collection of tunes ... The Wine of Youth is a beautiful-sounding, melodic, 13-song set of electric and acoustic Americana music with a little bit of perfectly placed Laurel Canyon harmonies that make you want to listen to the opaque lyrics … Phillips is a poet." 

"... a stunning, experimental roots-rock effort. It's personal, full of emotions and highly recommended for any fans of the genre." 
It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

"... sublime vocal melodies that rise and fall, circling those exquisite guitar notes and the subtle rhythm section. Lovely stuff."
Post to Wire




Zach Phillips is a San Diego-based singer-songwriter. His latest album, “Goddaughters,” follows up 2020’s critically acclaimed “The Wine of Youth." 

“Goddaughters” is a cinematic roots-rock song cycle that draws as much from spectral dream-pop as it does folk and indie. Following in the vein of classic singer-songwriters, the album is an interior travelogue that maps out journeys of longing, seeking and, ultimately, redemption.

Stylistically, there are hints of ’90s alternative (“Worshipers,” “Harmony Grove”) side by side with British folk (“New Star,” “Goddaughters”), all channeled through signature California roots-rock. Equally mantra-like and jagged, dreamlike and soulful, “Goddaughters” lives in a world where spaced-out guitars play nice with organs and mandolins. Where indie rock and indie country go hand in hand.



Produced by Gregg Montante and Zach Phillips. 

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Gregg Montante. 

Mastered by Riley Knapp.

All songs by Zach Phillips. 

Zach Phillips: vocals; electric and acoustic rhythm and lead guitars; organs, pianos and keyboards; mandolins

Gregg Montante: bass; drums; string arrangements; lead guitars; faux slide guitars 

Bobby Cressey: organ and piano

Front cover album collage by Bea Mattos.

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