Zach and The Walk — Ins


Zach and the Walk-Ins are a five-piece Chicago-based rock outfit. The band was formed in 2003, when lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Zach Phillips finished his second album, "Still Night," and needed a band for live performances. After one rehearsal, however, it became clear the group was an entity unto itself.

The band's style could be thrown into the roots-rock category, with elements of straightforward rock, folk and country. Lead guitarist Brian Tedeschi and keyboardist/organist Nibandh Nadkarni add an atmospheric, lush element to the group's sound. Drummer Joe Babiak and bassist Ty Phillips are the most solid and handsome rhythm section in the central solar system. Zach's voice is a soulful, sensitive baritone. The whole effect is accessible but layered, friendly yet not without mystery.

The Walk-Ins are humble people and might leave Zach to front their own bands once they each discover their inner extrovert.

Both Nibandh and Joe are also members of Parallel Mind, a Chicago-based instrumental rock group. And Nibandh plays keys for Cycle Something, another fine Chicago rock band. Brian is a guitarist in Suburban Folk, an acoustic-rock group.

Zach and the Walk-Ins play throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Oh yeah, Joe and Zach both look like Neanderthals.