Absolutely Superb!!!

by Amy Potrzeba


“This Heart of Mine” and “Still Night” are wonderful CDs. They make me smile and always put me in a good mood. Zach Phillips has an amazing talent for song-writing which is clearly evident in every track of both albums. “This Heart of Mine” is a brilliant CD that nicely coincides with the novel on which it is based. “This Heart of Mine” and “Pulling Fire Alarms” are great songs! The “Still Night” CD is just as remarkable! The upbeat songs flow nicely with the softer songs making the compilation absolutely superb. “Too Far Gone” is one of my favorite songs. I highly recommend both CDs. You will not regret the purchase because Zach Phillips is a very talented artist whose passion is clearly evident in his work. I cannot wait until his next CD is released.

Still Night — User Review

by Jacob Bailis

Still Night is the new album by the very talented singer songwriter Zach Phillips (and he plays the harmonica like Neil Young). I've known Zach for a long time. I think I've heard just about every album he's ever put out (and from some that he never did). And this is the one. It's bright and lively and beautiful, smart and funny, angry and sweet. It will make you smile. Songs include:

"Cry Like I Do" The bitterest song on the album, but there's still time for the line "Do you make faces in the mirror to try and make the pain disappear?" Good organ. Good drum. And making faces in the mirror does help.

"I Wanna Know Why" A little drum, a little riff and the first single. Great melody. Great lyrics. Nice background vocals. "Why would you leave? I wanna know why." "Everything you do just brings me down. Everything you do just breaks my heart." "Oh."

"Some Faith" Very pretty. Very generous. He can't have lost that much faith.

"The Last Time" This probably isn't the last time we'll start a war. But the guitars are great. And the drums. Subtlety forever right Zach?

"Too Far Gone" There are moments on this album where two guitars, or a guitar and a keyboard, or two keyboards will blend, and it's really beautiful. That exploding organ!

"Farwell, So Long" "There's a world waiting up for you. You better go before it's gone."

"Forever & Ever" Zach's voice takes some getting used to. So get used to it.

"Alchemy" The B-Side of "I Wanna Know Why". Someone could turn it over one morning and it could change their life.

"I've Lost My Heart" Primative.

"Dream Song" There isn't a bad song on this entire album. Great vocal. Especially the last verse.

"Aurora Borealis" It's still night. And he's still holding out.

"The Brightest Star" This is one of the sweetest, most wonderful songs in the whole world. If you find a friend like this, don't lose him.

Still Night — User Review

by Beverly Taylor

The album flows with meaning from one song to the next. Beginning with the penetrating ache from losing a true love, the song, "Cry Like I Do," tightens your throat as loss of the love light is snuffed out. You palpably fear your heart will permanently be left in the dark. Chasing the ache, Zach portrays the "cynical stage" with his music and lyrics rocking to a beat where your brain recognizes it’s "time to move on." Ultimately Zach’s melodic poetry enchantingly leads you past the loss, leaving you with the compelling memory, yet acceptance of friendship, your heart now sparks back to life "beneath the stars."

An exceptionally well-crafted album by a talented artist!

by Iggy Reilly

In the days of rock "artists" who are content to simply regurgitate the music of days long gone (or not so long gone, as the current glut of absurd post — grunge Eddie Vedder wanna — be's demonstrates), it is exciting and refreshing to hear an artist that draws from the influence of "the greats", yet still creates an individual statement. With "Still Night", Zach Phillips reminds us what music is supposed to be about. He has created a gorgeous, haunting, yet optimistic and exuberant album that delights the listener more and more with each play. From the opening harmonica and guitar strains of "Cry Like I Do" through the final joyous romp through the countrified "Brightest Star", Mr. Phillips demonstrates that he is a very talented composer and musician. Each song is incredibly well conceived and performed. The attention to musical detail is obvious, but the music never sounds sterile. Paradoxes abound here: Songs that seem simple at first reveal hidden complexities (both musically and lyrically) that draw the listener in. Arrangements begin sparse yet later become dense and textural, building to exquisite climaxes. The lyrics are familiar, yet never predictable - occasional New Age references and clever analogies combine with the spirit of more traditional wordplay to paint vivid and emotional pictures of love gone good.... and bad. Zach's voice shows a versatility, depth, lack of artifice, and abundance of maturity that is not often heard in singers nowadays. He evokes a bittersweet vulnerability on songs like "Some Faith" and "Alchemy" and a confident grittiness on "Lost My Heart" and "The Brightest Star". What Mr. Phillips lacks in technical talent and flair he more than makes up for in phrasing and overall musicality. I should also mention that the album is entirely Zach's project. Not only did he write every song and perform almost all of the instruments (some impeccable sideman and sidewomen are used - more on that below), but recorded and produced the album himself. This is no small feat considering the quality exhibited in every aspect of "Still Night". Regarding the accompanying musicians used: Joe Babiak's rock-solid and sensitive drumming is used throughout the album. Keyboardist Nibandh Nadkarni, guitarist Brian Tedeschi and vocalist Gloria Taylor all provide exemplary performances on several of the songs. The rest is all Zach, and his minimalist guitar, bass and keyboard duties serve the project perfectly. Thank you Mr. Phillips, for showing us how popular music is SUPPOSED to be done!! P.S. - Zach, if you're out there listening, it would be great to have a vinyl release of "Still Night" for those of us analog junkies out here. Don't know how economically feasible this would be, as most REAL artists like yourself are usually starving!

The new "voice" of folk-rock

by Jeff Millar — Sax

If Zach Phillips was starting his career in 1967 he'd be a household name right now. First off, Zach's got one of those voices that's both familiar and unique at the same time and he makes the most of it on this CD. He sings with a controlled passion that's reminiscent of Eric Anderson and even Richard Manuel of "The Band" but also displays some of the reckless abandon of Dylan and even Lindsey Buckingham's live version of "Go Insane." That mouthful being said, let's move on to his songwriting... the songs on this album are like Zach's voice, familiar but with some twists that keep you listening and involved - especially once you start to absorb his lyrics. Zach writes with the wisdom of experience yet with a youthful perspective so his songs are accessible for listeners aged 15 - 60 (guess some of us '60's rockers are getting up there!). From the opening notes of "Cry Like I Do" I was hooked. That Neil Youngish harmonica intertwined with the gentle guitar and Zach's voice were a subtly strong opening to the journey that the listener takes while listening to this disc. The sparse yet ambient arrangements on the songs are a great compliment to the material as there is very little clutter to get in the way. Zach shows maturity by not throwing the "kitchen sink" into the production, and a trust in his songs and his voice to just "let the music do the talking." "Still Night" is the perfect album for 3AM and ranks up there in this writer's book as one of the top 5 albums to listen to when everyone's gone home and you're left to clean up after the party - in fact, along with Chick Corea & Return to Forever's "Light as a Feather" and the first Dire Straits album, it's one of my favorites for late night background music. Zach strikes me as a spiritual kind of person based on the intro to this disc on this web site and from the photos and art on the CD, and there is almost a transcendental quality to the disc as well. I listened to it on a drive across North Carolina through the wee hours of the morning and ended my journey refreshed and energized and the only reason that I can think of was this CD. If you appreciate the artists that I've mentioned in this review, this is a "must have" CD for your collection. Thanks Zach — keep on writing and recording!

Interesting CD with a great sound.

by Robert Craig

This is an interesting CD with a great sound. Though it may be classified as folk rock, it really touches many musical areas and is just plain good music. Each song is different and stands on its own. The instrumentation is clever (e.g. the kettle drum in "Forever & Ever" and the Country sound in several of the tracks). The melodies have that hard-to-capture trait of being comfortable and somehow familiar, yet fresh and new. "Alchemy" is a wonderful song that could be a pop hit in several music genres. "The Brightest Star" is a country rocker that just gets you going. Listen to this CD if you want to hear some new, exciting music!

It gets better and better!

by L. Glomski

This is a very satisfying CD. There are so many new things to hear during each listen. It gets better and better each time I hear it. It flows nicely due to the mood of the instrumentation and poetic lyrics. A+ work!


by S. Reynolds

This album is traditional enough to buck changing trends, but the production is so nuanced that it holds its own with the most innovative roots-rock music coming out. Some of the uptempo songs on "Still Night" ("I Wanna Know Why" and "I've Lost My Heart" are my favorites) are straightforward classic-rock. "Dream Song," "Forever & Ever" and "Aurora Borealis," are more folk ballads with a cool atmospheric sound. Zach's singing manages to be relaxing and soulful, but he can rock out with the best of them on the edgier songs. Overall an eclectic album, but, still, it never loses its focus on matters of the heart. "Still Night" is great!! Hard to believe it's self-released. Where's this guy been all my life? I highly recommend it to anyone who likes roots-rock, folk-rock or alt-country.


by TS Divis Studios

This CD is a must have! The musical arrangement is cemented by the very soul of the artist! His unique songwriting abilities bring a wonderful change to the musical world. I look forward to hearing subsequent music from this amazing artist!


by David Bruce Davis

This is possibly one of the best folk rock albums I've ever heard. I've listened to a lot of the up and coming artists out there, and while some are good, this guy is phenomenal. He is a true songwriter, in an age that is lacking excellence in songwriting. From his heart-wrenching cry on Cry Like I Do all the way to the last track, The Brightest Star, Zach will take you on a journey of love and love gone away. My favorite tracks are Some Faith, Farewell, So Long and Alchemy. But then again, I like everything on this CD. Check this CD out! You will no be sorry for spending your hard earned cash.