Recording Notes


Here is some information on the technical aspects of making "Still Night," including production notes as well as the recording gear and instruments used in the process. Try not to get too excited.

The Rundown

"Still Night" was recorded on and off between February and July 2003 at Pyramid Studios, Zach's home recording outfit. A few additional overdubs were also done during the album's mixing in early September. The whole thing was then mastered by John Towner at Gretsch Studios on October 24, 2003.

Recording Gear

Most tracking for the album was performed on a little Akai DPS16 multitrack hard disk recorder, with the occasional use of a 12-channel Mackie mixing board. Early tracking, especially on "soft" songs, was done with the help on an Alesis ADAT coupled with a Mackie mixer.

Final mixing was performed with the Akai and a Yamaha AW16G digital audio workstation. Luckily, the inexpensive recording gear gave the album a warm, vintage sound with lots of dynamic range.


Audio-Technica 4033 Shure SM81 AKG C 3000 AKG D112 (kick drum) Shure SM58 and Beta58 Shure SM57


dbx 37 tube channel strip ART Tube Amp mic preamp


Larrivee acoustics (dreadnought style) Taylor acoustic (concert model, single cutaway) Fender Telecaster Small Fender tube amps Fender precision bass Ernie Ball volume pedal Brian played a Fender Stratocaster


Tama kit Sabian cymbals Zildjian cymbals


Kurzweil Stage Piano (piano, strings, church organ and bell sounds) Alesis QS6.1 (some horns, other sound effects) Roland Juno-2 (flute/mellotron-type sound) Nibandh played a Korg modeling organ, as well as a Yamaha P-80 keyboard (Wurlitzer, electric piano sounds)


Hohner and Lee Oskar harmonicas Joe played a Bach trumpet and Yamaha flugelhorn

These and other fine pieces of music gear can be purchased at your local independent music instrument retailer.