This Heart of Mine — About The Album


Zach wrote and recorded "This Heart of Mine" in the summer of 2000. The album was created as a companion piece to a novel of the same name by his mother, a New York Times best-selling author. Writing a "soundtrack" to a book posed some strange challenges, especially in the small time frame it came together.

This Heart of Mine

"I wanted this track to be pure power-pop, a little Matthew Sweet, a little Jayhawks. Not the most well-crafted song I've ever written, but still a decent heart-on-the-sleeve introduction to the album. Also, the chorus provided a nice melodic anchor to repeat later."

Timid Hearts

"Trying to fuse two artists I was listening to at the time, Bob Dylan and Beth Orton."

Melt Away

"Ironically (see title), I was trying to write my own 'I'm on Fire.'"

Pulling Fire Alarms

"The idea was to capture Molly Sommerville's inhibitions about falling in love, as caused by her rough childhood. Molly was the main character in the book."

Crazy Kind of Love

"For reasons beyond me, this is still my favorite song on the album."

Daphne Nightingale

"For reasons beyond me, this is still the song people liked the most on the album."

Farewell, So Long

"This was originally written from the other person's point of view, about having to say goodbye — maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't — and all the guilt that comes with that. As I started completing the lyrics, however, I realized it didn't work as well. From that perspective, I also couldn't include the line, 'Keep me in mind, if you've got to say something new/If you write a letter soon, to take up time,' which singlehandedly evoked an emotion I'd felt for years. All in all, I thought it an ideal closing to the first 'side' of the album."

Liam & Lilly

"A brief instrumental made to evoke the wisdom of a new love between people who've already lived full lives."


"If I'd had a full band to record with, this track could've really rocked. Sort of my attempt at a more lighthearted 'Positively Fourth Street.'"

Since You've Been Gone

"Some solid lyrics. At the time, I was happily tied up in a new relationship with my now wife, so my spirit might not have been in this 100 percent. But it's still one of the best tunes on the album."

Don't Break This Heart of Mine

"Everything comes full circle."

'Til I'd Seen You

"A bookend to the first song."