Still Night — About The Album


Zach describes his second CD, "Still Night," as a blend of rock, folk and alternative-country. It is equal parts mellow and ethereal, brash and unforgiving.

The following is Zach's attempt to give a little background info. on each song, at the risk of sounding like an artist. Don't hate him for his overexuberance.

Cry Like I Do

"Some of my favorite rock albums kick off with a more traditional-sounding number. I love the horns at the beginning of The Band's self-titled album, on 'Across the Great Divide.' I thought 'Still Night' would also benefit from a more traditional song at the outset, so I chose this simple ballad. It's part country, part blues, a little mellow and understated, but intense enough to create the album's pace. God bless Nibandh for his organ playing."

I Wanna Know Why

"In the hunt to create an eclectic yet focused song cycle, I had to include this ditty. It's totally one-sided, more so than anything else on the album. But...who really sees outside of their own tiny universe when they're dealing with heartache?"

Some Faith

"Gloria Taylor, my dearest, wrote the melody to the verse, but because of pain-in-the-ass copyright laws, it doesn't say so in the CD's linear information. I fleshed it out with the chorus, bridge and lyrics. At first, we were trying to come up with something more carefree and romantic to accompany the gentleness of the chords. Nothing fit. I eventually penned the final lyric myself at 2 a.m. on a rather exhausting Spring weeknight."

The Last Time

"I was listening to an early mix of this song on headphones while surfing the internet. I came across a photo of Andromeda's M31 galaxy just as the ending kicked in, with the bittersweet strings and guitars. The vulnerability and weakness expressed in the song felt vindicated. I contacted the man who took the photograph (Robert Gendler), and he was wonderful enough to let me use it in the inside of the CD booklet."

Too Far Gone

"Angsty breakup song, makes more sense to those 25 and older."

Farewell, So Long

"This was originally written from the other person's point of view, about having to say goodbye—'maybe I'll be back, maybe I won't'—and all the guilt that comes with that. As I started completing the lyrics, however, I realized it didn't work as well. From that perspective, I also couldn't include the line, 'Keep me in mind, if you've got to say something new/If you write a letter soon, to take up time,' which singlehandedly evoked an emotion I'd felt for years. All in all, I thought it an ideal closing to the first 'side' of the album."

Forever & Ever

"My attempt at writing a cosmic love song to my loved ones, to the Universe, to the Source. A compassionate start to the second half of the album."


"The oldest song on 'Still Night,' written soon after I released my first album, 'This Heart of Mine.' Inspired by Richard and Linda Thompson's 'Just the Motion,' from their incredible album 'Shoot Out the Lights.' Let it be said that I will never take Gloria's voice for granted (i.e. the instrumental interlude)."

9. I've Lost My Heart

"Just a joke—a look at a wounded ego. Check out Brian's brilliant honky-tonk-style lead guitar part(s) at the end. Much like the rest of the album, it sounds better through a set of headphones."

10. Dream Song

"Originally, 'Still Night' was going to sound more like this—dreamier, spacier, more disjointed. Instead, I opted for a balanced approach, but my next album may be produced a bit more like this song."

11. Aurora Borealis

"The lyrics suggest it's about waiting for someone, or wishing someone would love you back. The music suggests the singer has already accepted the outcome."

12. The Brightest Star

"'Soulful' is not the word that comes to mind when people think of country-rock music. 'The Brightest Star' is my tribute to that genre—which I love very much. This song had a sweetness that summed up my mindset at the end of recording 'Still Night,' making it a fitting ending to the album."