Review — Still Night

by Dennis Scanland July 2004


Rating: * * * 1/2 (out of five stars) Zach Phillips is a singer/songwriter that comes our way from Buffalo Grove, IL. Still Night is Zach's second full-length album and while not mind-blowing it offers an insight into a 27 year old musician's frame of mind. Phillips takes on pretty much all duties except for the odd instrument. He even takes on the production and mixing and I have to say that it's probably the best self-released, self-produced effort I have heard. The production is pristine and all the right things are brought to life. I think Zach's arrangement abilities need to be honed a little though. The songwriting is not really original but it does have some merits that warrant a chance. Have a listen to the gentle workings of "Alchemy" for an example. I have a feeling that Zach's best years are yet to come. I don't think that he has fully tapped his vocals. His songwriting is there so maybe he will make some cash at selling his music to some more established musicians. His music has that classic sensibility to it, it just needs to mature a bit.