Cast & Crew


The following musicians and fine human beings contributed their talents and time toward making "Still Night," Zach's second album. He will be indebted to them for many, many years.

Joe Babiak


Joe served as both the drummer on "Still Night" and Zach's moral support. He played horns, too. He is exotic, muscular and humble. And he is believed to be an old soul. Joe plays in several bands, but his main act is the fine prog-rock group Parallel Mind.

Gloria Taylor


Possibly one of the kindest humans ever to walk the earth, Gloria contributed backup vocals. She also provided hope when none existed. Gloria is a great folk-rock singer-songwriter


Nibandh Nadkarni


His name might not roll right off the tongue, but he sure can roll those keys. A member of Parallel Mind with Joe, Nibandh played Hammond organs and Wurlitzer electric pianos. Also like Joe, he is far too humble for his own good and possesses a genius-level IQ.

Brian Tedeschi


Brian played lead guitar on some songs with his Fender Stratocaster. Zach, on the other hand, prefers the Telecaster. Brian is forgiven, of course, because he is the greatest. A multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter, he is in several bands. Visit to learn about Brian's projects.

Zach Phillips


Zach: Isn't it a little narcissistic for Zach to receive yet another plug on his own website? Probably. So here it is. Zach wrote and sang the songs on "Still Night" and played the rest of the instruments. Out of necessity, this included several he was not qualified to experiment with. Turn a blind ear to the mistakes on the album.